Current Members

Postdoctoral Fellows:

PhD Students:

Masters Students:

  • Alyssa Tutterow (GPS) -- Spatiotemporal clustering of Kawasaki Disease
  • Philip Voris (GPS) -- Spatiotemporal patterns of pollutant co-emissions

Undergraduate Students:

  • Mandy Nichols (MAE, Big Pixel Initiative) -- Remote sensing of land use change for impact evaluation
  • Kaela Wong (MAE, FISP) -- Cookstove emissions

Past Members

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Robinson Research Fellows (GPS):

  • Jarrod Russell -- Climate adaptation in Brazil
  • Yihua Shi -- Air pollution impacts on crops in China
  • Jiahua Yue -- Land use emissions
  • Alexandra Tracy -- Climate adaptation in Brazil
  • Helen Lopez -- Climate adaptation in Brazil
  • Aleister Montfort (GPS, Robinson Research Fellow) -- Food Security in Benin
  • Henrique Barbosa (GPS, Robinson Research Fellow) -- Climate adaptation in Brazil
  • Timothy Jones (GPS, Robinson Research Fellow) -- Climate adaptation

Masters Students:

Undergraduate RAs:

  • Almaz Ali (Political Science, McNair Scholar)
  • Max Cruz (Biology)
  • Emily Phan (Environmental Engineering)
  • Masato Koizumi (MAE, FISP Scholar)
  • Edward Matios (ESYS; now PhD Candidate at Dartmouth Engineering)